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Site designed to collect and organize information about assistance to Ukraine: Army, Navy, National Guard, the victims and refugees, the wounded and the families of soldiers.

Aid for repair of the reanimation ambulance cars!!!
18:57 19-09-2016

Equipment gets out of order…

“HOTTABYCH Emergency Medical Service” is badly in need of the material assistance for the repair works of the ambulance cars!!!

CHARITY FUND HOTTABYCH is a non-profit organization specialized on collecting the money assets for the aid to the soldiers in ATO Zone. Their aim is to save the lives. Their task is the evacuation of the injured to the location of the organized medical treatment. Keeping the soldiers healthy in ATO Zone.

Help 25th Airborne Brigade
13:58 23-02-2015

Airborne forces provide Ukrainian units with fire support. It is they who destroy enemy’s artillery and other terrorists’ firing points in many places of Donbas. The soldiers of the 25th Airborne Brigade, along with their brothers in arms  adjust the artillery fire under attacks.

Where the money goes?
Because of a long time ringed by the enemy, the paratroopers have limited ammunition. Almost every day the terrorists attack their positions by the mine throwers from residential neighborhoods. In these extremely difficult and severe conditions our soldiers have to do accurate calculations to hit the enemy with the first shot.
The "25th Airborne Brigade" project needs your support. Now the lives of our soldiers depend on how soon and efficiently we could provide them with all the necessities.

Help to 55th Artillery Brigade.
12:13 23-02-2015

The 55th Brigade has taken an active part in all aspects of this war. Apart from Debaltseve, they keep defending districts around Donetsk Airport, and are repelling attacks on Mariupol and Volnovakha. They also suffered horrific losses during the battle for Ilovaisk, where Ukrainian military and volunteers were surrounded by Russian-backed forces and were massacred despite an agreed ceasefire and the provision of a humanitarian corridor.

Individual First Aid Kit
19:24 02-02-2015

Due to the mass mobilization there are not enough first aid kits. Furthermore, those that are available are not equipped with everything a soldier might need. First aid kits already delivered to the ATO zone by volunteers are not put on the unit's balance, thus, soldiers take the kits with them when going on rotation. If we follow this procedure the process of supplying our troops with kits will be neverending. With the support of the Ministry of Defense and in cooperation with volunteer organizations Save lives together foundation and Wings of Phoenix we are launching this fundraiser to provide newly mobilized soldiers with individual first aid kits. The project is designed to ensure that every mobilized soldier has medical supplies that could potentially save his life. Every soldier will be taught to perform first aid and will be provided with a first aid kit.

Help to the fighters jf the 81-st brigade (Donetsk airport)- Funds raised!!!
11:27 23-02-2015

During the course of the ATO Donetsk Airport from strategically important object transformed into a symbol of Ukrainian resistance, a symbol of hope for the victory. Even the enemy admitted incredible stamina and ability of the defenders of the Airport, having called them "cyborgs". This aptly-name was immediately picked up making "Cyborg" the word of 2014 year in Ukraine. Now after all the fighters have been through, after all the loses they have suffered and all the efforts they have made, we cannot fail to support them and let the enemy win. Everybody is invited to join the fundraising to help the defenders of the Airport.

Artillery rangefinder
17:01 03-12-2014

The application of the artillery rangefinders gives the opportunity to fulfill further tasks:

- Targets coordination setting with immediate transmitting of data to the system of fire control;

- Fire adjustment from the front observation post through the target coordinates measuring and issuing via communication channels directly to the Control Posts of Artillery units;

- Reconnaissance of location and enemy’s objects

The group COMBAT-UA
14:45 05-07-2014

Our task is support and ensuring of an important departments, these are 3rd and 8th special forces regiment of the armed forces of Ukraine. Why these one? The choice is studied. They are guys who know how to act and solve the tasks most effectively, but they are not assured as good as others. That is why I find the help to special forces of higher priority. 

Item Reception aid for fighters ATO
23:11 27-06-2014

ARMY SOS starts collecting things for good, will soon be declared address of a warehouse in Kiev.
Who can not join things means

Charitable Fund «Support the Army of Ukraine»
23:34 14-08-2014

In 1994 Ukraine voluntarily denounced its nuclear weapon stockpile in exchange for guarantees of its sovereignty, safety and integrity, given by USA, UK and Russia. In March 2014 Russia, under a false pretext, invaded Crimea; as a result, Ukrainian peninsula was cynically annexed. In April 2014 the activity of Russian Secret services and specially trained subversive groups provoked hard confrontation at the East of Ukraine; as a result, the whole region fell into chaos and terror. Ukrainian patriots, such as militaries, representatives from power structures and public organizations, do their best to restore peace and calm in our land. In XXI century in the very centre of Europe, Ukrainians learnt all the horror of WAR, and need assistance from the West in their unequal battle against Putin’s regime.

Thermal imager! Matter of life or death!
22:00 02-07-2014

What can save the head and watch, and the whole party? The answer is very simple. Instead of all the lights and night vision devices need a good one for the imager head watch in the group!
Just one, people! One piece of iron, or at least three lives!

What you need now? The list is long
09:57 25-06-2014

1) Tomorrow will come helmets, 500. For them it is necessary to further 200 000 hryvnia. 
2) Need Celox, the supplier expects payment - 400 000 hryvnia.

Requires the wounded, hospital Izum City
09:43 25-06-2014

Central Hospital of Izum takes himself wounded during the ATO. Flow is very large, the city is close to the Slaviansk and those who are now fighting for Ukraine delivered there with varying degrees of severity, with most complex open wounds.

Drone from the Army SOS
13:54 24-06-2014

Let's buy our victory for UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for reconnaissance and targeting.

Search and buy urgently needed spare parts for cars 72 teams
13:27 24-06-2014

Need help! Much has already been found. Something that we have presented, to the rest of the money needed.

Imagers for 72th Brigade
18:54 30-06-2014

Ceasefire terrorists not supported. Recent efforts enemy snipers. A hunt them at night and deal with them effectively help here such imagers.

Civil Intelligence of Ukraine
07:14 27-06-2014

Our country is under condition of undeclared war with Russian Federation since 2 of March 2014.

There is big amount of Russian special service agents in the rank of our special service, Ministry of Defense or other administrative institutions, sometime 50% of a personal staff directly or indirectly are working on the aggressor.

Biggest amount of officers who were employed to the police or military structures since 2008 are former citizens of Russia or they studied, served there, and no after 6 years of adaptive penetration they occupied various governing positions and posts in state structures. We have an all-out enemy intelligence network in our institutions and power structures. In this reason, we worked hard and found  truly patriotic and brave officers in the Security Service of Ukraine in the short terms, we established our work together and reached certain results.

So, we created a unit of “Civil intelligence of Ukraine” 30 of April 2014.

72nd Guards mechanized brigade
07:12 27-06-2014

The call. Just now…

The officer of 72nd brigade, whose name, rank and position we have to omit:

Volodya, I have draftees here (the number I have to omit also), whose uniform looks like tatters and ankle boot like sandals…
Clear, prepare the lists of sizes, we’ll work…

Collect aid for 24 Lviv Brigade
14:59 22-06-2014

Please do not be indifferent, because boys were sent there literally 5 days ago, uniforms, equipment, medical supplies them almost nothing.

Fund-raising for the medical equipment to the Kiev Military Hospital
07:18 27-06-2014